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Grandparents say the darndest things...

So, my Opa is 84 years old and very quicky going senile. It's sad to watch, but sometimes it's also very funny. Conversation tonight...

'How's the guy?' (meaning DH)

"Which guy, Opa?" He uses guy to refer to dh, or the cat, or my brother on occasion, so clairifying is a good idea.

(I hear my Oma in the background- 'his name is John!!')

"John! How's John?"

"He's fine, Opa."

"Are you fat yet?"

"Getting there!"

"Well, don't stuff your face too much."

I got off the phone just shaking my head and laughing.


Re: Grandparents say the darndest things...

  • That's awesome. My grandfather who is not senile asked me about my sex drive... I'm not exactly sure how he worded it but I heard the word "horny" and turned to my hubs in horror! They have no filter but I guess at their age why the heck would they!
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  • HAHAHA that is too funny.  Grandparents are a hoot!
  • Love this!!! and needed the laugh. Thanks for sharing!!!
  • Oh goodness I'm a lurker but I know just what you're talking about. My greatgrandmother had NO filter whatsoever. When I was 7 or 8 I was over at her house with my grandfather and she was hugging me and telling her son all about the problems she was having with her vagina and how sex just irritated it and so now she never gets any. The conversation included the words cvnt, vag [not vagina, just vag], lips sex and c.o.c.k.... and she was about 94 years old. Indifferent <-- This was me during the conversation.
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