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So I'm trying to watch Twilight

Late on the bus, I know. But I don't really *get* it. Am I missing out on something big by not having read the books? And fwiw, I don't really think that Edward Cullen is all that good looking :::ducks out of post:::
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Re: So I'm trying to watch Twilight

  • I think that the movie is awful without reading the books. The books weren't even that good, just very entertaining. I also think that Edward was not good looking at all. He was much cuter in my imagination when I read the books!
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  • I thought the books were complete crap but the movie was good for teens or a friday night rental.
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  • i don't get the fuss and have no desire to read or watch. i heard the writing in the book sucked and that's enough to deter me. robert pattinson is so not cute and taylor lautner looks like a monkey.

  • The movies leave alot out; and the books are better. However, I am a fan, but I put this series in the "junk food" category of reading. (right with the "historical" romance novels)

    The movies are better if you've read the books because then you can fill in the gaps in your head. I think without the book- If I had seen the movie first I would have wrote off the entire series. The movie makes it feel like the timeframe is 2 weeks instead of 4-5 months.

  • I was hesitant, too, until last summer when I finally watched it. I ended up reading the series in like 2 weeks! I explain the R.Patz/Edward phenomenon like this: he's like brocolli. The first time you eat it, it's just not that great, but then you keep eating it, and eventually, you love it! I used to think he was hideous, but now he's at the top of my list. I also think it's b/c I read the books after having placed him as Edward Cullen, so as I read, I pictured him. For anyone who's read the books, being the face of Edward Cullen could make everyone fall head over heals for you. It's an amazing Romeo and Juliet story, and I love that it has bridged gaps between women from 10-60 yrs. old. And yes, New Moon was a better movie due to a better (less artsy & truer to the story) director, higher budget, acting lessons for the cast, and graphics. Eclipse comes out June 30 & is the one that everyone has been looking forward to since before New Moon. It's when the love triangle really comes to life, and Edward will steal even the most hesitant of hearts!
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  • I feel grown woman being obsessed with it is just a little out of touch. Even if I was a teen I would still be like "So, vampires that sparkle and dont have fangs?......right" The acting between Kristen Stewert and Robert was just painful.
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