2nd Trimester

where is your baby sitting...?

My little man is sitting sooo low. everytime i get a kick it feels like hes trying to bust out of this joint that you call my tummy. It makes my bump pop out really low especially since hes at this time laying hip to hip. its way different then how it was with my daughter. how about you?

Re: where is your baby sitting...?

  • I am 2 weeks behind you, but my baby is pretty low too.  When I get kicked, it is about 3-4 inches below my belly button on my left side so like right above my left hip -ish lol
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  • Mine is low too lol, Her head is on the right side currently and legs always kicking about on my left side. I know I am supposed to lye on my left side but she kicks me constantly when i do. I don't think she likes it lol.
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  • The baby's head is on my left side just left of my navel and it is like she is in a recliner or something.  She kicks my bladder all the time.  That's a strange feeling.  I can't wait until she moves!


  • My baby is usually breech, and loves to kick me in the cervix, which is SUPER uncomfortable. LO kicks there alot when I am standing up, and it literally makes me jump, it does not feel good. Telling LO to stop doesn't do much though. =/
  • Ok, so up until a week ago, I thought he was really low because I felt him a lot just above pubic bone.  Now I feel him everywhere, and I just recently "popped" and it is way up high, like right under my ribs where the bump sticks out.  I look really weird....
  • Very low in my abdomen and to the left, I can always feel it against my hip.
  • This is my 3rd boy and I've carried all of them low. My hips start aching early and it hurts to walk. Oh joy!
  • Brylee is low and she loves to kick me right in the cervix.

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  • shes pretty low, all under my belly button
  • she is so low that i feel like i look like grimmace (from mcdonalds) when i wear purple :( i call it my baby roll. all under my belly button.
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