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I Don't Know what it is lately...

but now that I have all kinds of stuff that Liam needs, I have got REALLY angry at BD.  He sent a text the other day asking how we were and I told him we'd be better if he was helping out.  He said he will help when the court tells him how much and stuff.  WTF?!?!?  I need help NOW!  And why the he|| should I give him any updates about US if he's not helping??  Yeah, that buck just stopped HERE.  He wants to play games, I will play his game... he won't get any updates on US until the court tells me I have to.  Jerk.

And what is the deal with charging so much money for baby stuff???  For instance...Sophie.  I would LOVE to have one...and I'm willing to bet my Liam would love it but $15 for a teething TOY?  Yeesh...  same with Winkel.  But what really got me is this plain little plastic bath seat... $25... SRSLY?  For a plastic bath seat that he'll outgrown in a few months?

Sorry ladies...I needed to vent.  I've been diligently looking for work and I am failing.  I want my Liam to have nice things because I didn't get to when I was younger.  Can't these retailers see that I'm trying to be FRUGAL here!!  lol.

Re: I Don't Know what it is lately...

  • Dd did not have a bath seat or a sophie and she is just fine.

    Though, I completely understand what your saying!

    Hopefully when he is old enough to remember, you will be in a better position.

    Most of the time, they don't need all of the things we want them to have, and they surely won't need all of the things they want themselves as they get older!!

    It will all work out. ;)

  • I would suggest you check out craigslist for gently used baby items.  I had to buy almost everything for Jackson by myself.  I "loaned" my baby stuff from DD to MIL and she got rid of it without asking me.  I didn't have a shower bc I had high risk pg and was not sure he would make it.  I just couldn't stand the thought of having to get rid of all of the baby stuff if I lost the baby.  When I got further along and felt more comfortable with his health, I bought almost everything I needed from craigslist.  I had zero help from Douchebag or his family.  My family bought a few outfits and blankets, the kid's godmother bought the highchair.  Everything else was completely on me.  Thankfully I had 9 months to prepare and save money. 

    I have had awesome luck w/ craigslist.  Just today I bought a Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo for $40.  Also check out consignment shops, garage sales and ebay. 

    FWIW, Jack has Sophie and he couldn't care less about it.  The dog, however, is very interested in it.

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  • I am in the process of getting rid of a lot of my stuff from my DDs.  IF you need anything please dont hesitate to ask.  I will send it to you or any else for that matter in a heartbeat.  I have a barely used graco highchair in green with animals.  I have a toddler bed (tinkerbell) with mattress and a crib.  I have alot of stuff. just ask and I will be more then happy to see if I have anything.  Shoot if anyone needs a double stroller, I have one of those as well and I think I used it all of twice.
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  • Loser. That's all I have to say about that.
  • I agree about Sophie-I got her for DS for Christmas and he couldn't give two sh1ts.  But he does love Scout that evil XMIL gave him.  At least she was good for something!
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  • I was really looking for a tub seat to put in the big tub so I can have him in the tub with me.  Without one I can't imagine I'd be able to hold him and get anything done, lol.  I know the sophie can wait and all that... I'm just frustrated right now.  But thanks so much for offering your stuff :)
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