2nd Trimester

Not only is my belly button getting more shallow...

it's angled to the left too.


Re: Not only is my belly button getting more shallow...

  • Mine is almost completely GONE and now I have the beautiful line starting to show!
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  • I have the line from my vajayjay to my chest and my belly button is getting very shallow!
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  • The one thing I'm really dreading is my belly button popping out.  I have no idea why, but I'm completely repulsed by the idea. So I check mine out every day to see how it's coming along. So far, still deep.

    It has not, however, moved from side to side like yours :)

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  • I find that mine moves to one side when the baby is on the other and moving things around.
  • Mine has been getting shallower every day, and it itches like crazy! I hope that it doesn't pop because I don't want that poking through my shirts. Although I did see little pastie type things at Target to cover up sticking out bellybuttons....Stick out tongue
  • I noticed mine is shallower this morning- and the top is already peaking out a little bit! The idea of my belly button popping skeeves me out and actually makes me a little queezy .I'm tempted to buy those little belly button pasties, but I'd feel pretty silly. 
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