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where to begin?

I don't even know where to begin when making decisions for my registry (I haven't done it yet but am trying to plan). ?How do you make decisions about things like bottles, pacifiers, diapers, etc???


Re: where to begin?

  • I brought a girlfriend w/ me to help me decide.  As far as bottles and pacifiers I got one of a few different brands.  I figured I'd see what she likes and then buy a few more of them.  I wasnt really worried about bottles and paci's b/c they are inexpensive and something I can figure out once she is here.


  • good point! That is probably a good idea! ?
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  • Baby Bargains is a great book for figuring out what to register for.  I also used this site:  BRU's baby registry check list.  The best place to find product reviews is on - you can search for something generic like "bouncy seat"  and then choose to sort the list by customer rating - the ones that have the most stars go to the top of the list and then you can see what people think are the best products. 
  • Personally I wouldn't go overboard on registering for too many of the things you mentioned above. You just can't guess what is going to work for you and LO once he/she is here. I would register for one or two of a few different types of bottles and paci's until you determine what LO will take. Some like Nuks, some like soothies(PITA IMHO). If you plan to BF then I would look at types of bottles that say 'more like the breast' Get wide mouth, slow flow bottles. Maybe think about staying away from ones that are more complicated like avent or born free (though some swear by those) Personally I liked wide mouth playtex drop in for the early days-less dishes :) Maybe after LO is here and you know more about what they like then you can use some gifts cards to get what you need. DH and I loved our trips to BRU in the begining b/c it got us out of the house but it was easy to change and feed DS with the mothers rooms. As for diapers most people go with the pampers swaddlers for the first few months so I would say that they are a fair bet for registering. If you end up not liking them you will probably be able to exchange them. A good place to start is the baby bargains book. HTH!
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  • I started looking online first, read reviews!!
  • definitely baby bargains. i was skeptical about how informative that book would be, but it's actually REALLY helpful... not just with pointing out the "good" (and not so good) brands, but gives tips and advice on different styles of products and what could work best for you.

    of course, i still haven't registered yet either, and every time i go into BRU i kinda want to cry. Tongue Tied

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