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So I know I'm new again (I popped on here a few months ago when I went off BCP, and left for a bit after H and I decided we would would wait until the beginning of this year to officially TTC), so I doubt anyone knows who I am (though I remember quite a few posters), but I just needed to vent for a small moment.

H came over while I was adding my meds to my chart just now and asked me how things were going with it (he's taken a semi-interested stance towards the whole thing).  I told him that everything was going fine and was showing him the chart when he tells me that he thinks his optimal time to have a child would be February 2011.  I get excited (because, hey, this means everything is going according to plan) and am about to agree with him when suddenly he shakes his head and goes "no, no, no - wow, no.  I meant February 2012.  If it was 2011, we'd be starting to try to have a baby, like, really soon." 


Apparently he's suddenly decided that he doesn't want to even start TTC-ing at all until after his all of his private student loans are paid off - all $60,000 of them.  So instead of starting to TTC now or in the next few months, he wants to wait another year and a half to start.  Sad

We still need to talk about everything (I was a little too shocked to say anything back right away), but I'm feeling very down about this right now and just needed to get it out for a moment.

Re: Just venting...

  • I'm sorry. I hope you can come to a happy compromise, maybe somewhere in between.
    Our sweet girl is 3!

    Lilypie - (R7Ux)

  • DH and I have gone through this over and over. Honestly, we weren't even going to start TTC until toward the end of the year at the earliest..and even deciding that was a big step for us! We decided that there will always be some reason not to...but we had to decide if those reasons were really more important than starting a family when we wanted to. When we started TTC, it was almost spontaneous. I wrote about it in my blog if you want to check it out...i promise no weird details lol!

    I'm not saying to pressure him into it. You both need to just look at the facts...and maybe it's not time, but you can always keep your hopes up for the spontaneous "I'm ready" Big Smile Cheer up! It'll happen!

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