2nd Trimester

In honor of the Grammy's....

Who or what does your LO jam to?

I have a very sad confession to make...

My LO has a dance party to Lady Gaga, Fergie, and Christina Agularia....it's nothing that my DH and I REALLY enjoy...but by darn our LO loves or kicks the crap outta me because s/he hates it and is trying to get my attention to take it off...Taylor Swift is starting to get to s/he too!

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Re: In honor of the Grammy's....

  • We are a Country family...so mostly Johnny Cash, George Strait and other.
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  • I am a huge John Mayer fan, so I play him for LO and tell him to pay attention so he can play guitar like that one day. 

    DH is all about the 80's, so he has plans to keep Van Halen & other similar music on constant loop in the nursery. LOL.

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  • my little man hasnt moved once yet since it started. I think because the baby knows how rediculous this is. i mean seriously?!?! all of these artists, well the women, are wearing nothing!! WTF?!Ick! its like all they are wearing is boob stickers and vag. stickers.. Maybe its because i dont pay attention to pop stars and such like that but it has changed dramatically since the last time i noticed. so yeah, no movement..
  • Cheap Trick and the Clash gets her thwoing a fiesta every time!
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