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DH is driving me nuts

I must be reaaaalllly hormonal these past few days bc everything DH does is getting on my nerves!

This morning I had to be out of the house early and he was trying to help me pack up the car, but he was just annoying me more. Then when I got home just now I noticed he put the heat down to 58 while I was gone. It's a freezer in here! It's about 20 degrees outside here. Poor guy can't do anything right. I'm trying so hard not to snap at him and I've been successful most of the time, but geeeeez is he bothering me.

Anyone else's DH annoying them for no reason?

Re: DH is driving me nuts

  • His breathing...he breathes SO LOUD now!  I never noticed it before but now I have to have music or the tv running all night or his breathing keeps me up! 
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  • These made me chuckle. My SO can sense when my mood changes and will make a remark about my hormones taking over because I got mad at some little thing he did to annoy me. Note to SO: vocalizing it will not make my mood any better, you're only pissing me off more.
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  • I am having the same problem! Anything and everything he does lately seems to annoy the crap out of me. I hope that it is just a stage and that it will pass soon, because if not I'm going to go insane and these are things that I normally wouldn't get annoyed about at all. 
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  • this has been happening to me too more often lately. i am going to blame the horomones and my extreme lack of patience.
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  • Yup, he is driving me absolutely crazy.  He wants to be touching me at all times.  I would like to have some space to breath occasionally.  If I stand in one spot for more than 5 seconds, it is an invitation for him to just rub all over me.  God love him, he has handled me and my crazy hormones so well and been so great and supportive.  I should appreciate the affection but it is too much!
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