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Pelvic Pain

Ya'll I do not need any more pregnancy complications, but I am having some real pain in my pelvis...mostly in the pelvic floor, so to speak, otherwise known as my crotch! It hurts to roll over in bed, get up from a sitting or laying position and, to some extent, to walk.  

I looked in what to expect and it gave an explanation of something called SPD, which sounds like it and doesn't seem dangerous - just uncomfortable.  Anyone else have any experience with this kind of pain or SPD?

I am going to call tomorrow, and hope this is all it is - but I worry something else will be going wrong as I can't do anything the easy way. 

Re: Pelvic Pain

  • I have had this since I was in my 14th week. I told my doctor about several times, but they just say it will lessen. Well, I am now in my 32nd week and it hasn't lessened! I just kind of deal with it now. I try to sit down when putting on clothes and take baths from time to time. The worst is probably rolling over in bed and getting out of bed. I also feel it getting into my SUV. I hope your doctor gives you some better advice than mine did! GL!
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  • That is exactly when mine is the worst - rolling in bed, getting up and climbing into my SUV.  I hope I get some answers too - If I do I will post them.
  • I have this and go to PT after being referred by my doctor.

    I just made another post about it. Here is the link


    Do not suffer with this pain girls. I cannot tell you what a difference the therapy is having. I still have pain, true, but the strategies, belt and manipulation has made it bearable.

  • I'm about to check out that doctor checked on things today, and said yep - nothing dangerous, just something to live with.  At least it's nothing dangerous.  But, boy this is uncomfortable.
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