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Had to go to l&d today...

Dh and I were sitting at church this morning and I had the strangest feeling.  I couldn't make sense of the words, couldn't read the screen, I got hot and dizzy.  Then when it was time to stand up at the end I just couldn't.  Like my brain was telling my body what to do but my body couldn't respond.  Dh was asking me questions, he said I had the strange look on my face, couldn't focus on him, so he called a friend of ours over who is an EMT guy.  He came over and tried to get me out of it, etc, I wasn't responding.  They ended up calling for an ambulance, a dr. we go to church with who is also in my drs office came over, I remember them saying things but again couldn't respond.  When the EMTs got there they took my bp and it was high--something like 147/107 so they made me go to the hospital.  My blood tested fine though--was in the right range.  Anyway, they took me off in the ambulance, right after church--so embarrassed!!!  They took my bp in the ambulance and after a while they got it down.  I really start remembering at this point.  They took me to l&d to check on lo, and he is fine.  They couldn't find him on the monitor at first, which stressed me out.  We stayed there for a couple of hours, they did a urine test and bloodwork.  I haven't heard about the bloodwork yet, which I am assuming means everything is ok.  I cannot believe this all happened, especially at church!  But am so very thankful that nothing was wrong. 

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  • That is incredibly scary.  Hopefully your bloodwork is okay.  As embarrassing as you may feel the situation was, it certainly sounds like you were in the right place with both an ENT and a doctor in your own doctor's practice there, not to mention a church full of people to say prayers!

  • sounds scary!  Take it easy!
  • So scary!  I hope everything is ok.  What do they think happened...
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    So scary!  I hope everything is ok.  What do they think happened...

    They said they think it's bc I started the new diet since being diagnosed with gd.  They said my bp went low, then overcompensated and got high.  My body had a hard time getting it back to normal.  They called it some name--a type of passing out.

  • Glad everything seems to be okay!
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