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How much milk does your DC go through in 1 week?

Savannah drinks 1 gallon in 6.5 days ... so I have to get to the grocery store right after breakfast on Monday! *Sometimes* she drinks more than that and I have to substitute daddy's 2% milk for 1-2 sippies until I get to the store. 

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  • Wow! a 1/2 gallon lasts us about a week...or more!

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  • Maddie goes through a little more than a gallon a week...as do I! We drink a lot of milk in this house! It's so crazy expensive, but I just love milk, and obviously she has to drink hers too :).
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  • Zilch. J drinks no milk AT ALL. Actually, he won't drink anything other than water...no juice, lemonade, etc. 
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    We limit the kids to 16oz per day. 

    yep, us too. 20 oz on a reallllllly bad eating day.

    with him drinking it at daycare, it takes us about a week for a half-gallon.

  • About a gallon a week, give or take.  We go through a gallon too, so we buy 2 gallons a week on average.

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  • I wish he drank more but Will still isn't drinking a lot of milk..... He goes through a 1/2 gallon in a week.
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  • I'm guessing he drinks about a gallon, maybe a little more, a week.  DH also uses some of Liam's whole milk in his cappucinos, so we actually go through at least a gallon and a half of whole milk a week, plus the skim DH and I use in our cereal - yikes!
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  • We go through roughly 2.5 gallons of milk a week when its just the kids drinking it.
  • DS prolly goes through a lil over a gallon of milk a week. DH and I also go through over a gallon of skim milk a week too. We both usualy drink a glass and sometimes two at dinner. And then the weeks we have my stepson he has his own lactose free milk!! Its so expensive for milk and i hate having to buy3 different kidns!

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