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? for Moms with two kids under 4

Hi, I have two boys (3 years and 19months old) who are engergetic to say the least. I am a SAHM. My youngest still naps for several hours in the afternoon so a lot of the afternoon is spent indoors much to the chagrin of my eldest. We only have about a window of an hour and a half to get out and play outside in the morning to get back in time for lunch. We live in an apartment so no back garden for them. Only thing is, when they do play outside they like to go in opposite directions and don't respond all the time when I call them. Thats fine when I'm with my husband but on my own its a different story.  I don't want to run the risk of them running into street traffic so we are pretty much restricted to an enclosed gated playground near our apartment. My question is what do Moms in similar situations do? I feel I'm stifling them by not bringing them anywhere else during the week. They do get out a lot on the weekends when my husband is around but other than that they are pretty much stuck in the house. I would love to hear any suggestions on other things we could possibly do safely where I don't have to worry about them getting into danger. I live in Buckhead so if anyone has any other ideas for me I would love to hear about them. Thank you.

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  • I am not sure, I only have one, but I have friends who have 2, and they seem to just do things like playgrounds or indoor bouncy places. Email me (I am near Buckhead) and I can give you some parks and playground ideas - I think we talked about health brokers once right?

    I will pm you my email

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    I have no great ideas since I'm in a similar situation so I'll be interested in the responses you get.  My DDs have just started walking and I was wondering if I'm a bad mom because I went to Fernbank over the weekend with a friend and her two kids (3 and a little over 1) and while she let her kids run around, I didn't let the girls out of the stroller since I wasn't sure what they would do and I didn't want to find out when they had me double-teamed. :-)   Thankfully DDs are still happy in their stroller, so at this point, I just try to go interesting places with them that they can stay in their stroller. 
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  • I would be adament with your 3-year-old that he must stay with/near you.  He's old enough at this point to understand that.  And if he can't do that, then you have to pack up and go home.  That will send a big message that he likely won't forget.

    This is what i do with my two.  My son is 3 and daughter is 2. 

  • Ditto Karen....my kids are close to the same age as well. 
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