Pregnant after a Loss

DH cracks me up

1st of all, yes, I've been having a few contractions over the past 2 days or so... last night I actually got on to time them (totally random by the way)

Last night, DH asked me 'are you just brushing this off so I won't worry about you' when I told him that I wasn't in labor... ummmm, really dear, I'm not 'brushing this off', I'm just not getting worked up about it. Everyone says I'll know when it's really time.

Now, today, he's been on the phone with several of his friends who have kids, asking each of them what their wives think contractions feel like. I admit, there are times when I wonder 'is that really a contraction' but that only assures me that this is not the real deal labor!

I appreciate that he's 'getting into this' but I think he's jumping the gun a bit... we're not even due for another 11 days! 

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Re: DH cracks me up

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