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Starting Milk?

DS has been nursing less often and for a shorter time each session. He still gets 3-4 solid nursing sessions a day. I have not started milk yet and wasn't planning on it for a few weeks. He eats lots of solids and loves dairy (milk/yogurt) Is there a need to start introducing milk?
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Re: Starting Milk?

  • Not that this is the 'right' answer, but I'd probably wait the few weeks if you can, just b/c if you give him cow's milk, that means he'll prob. take less BM (which is the liquid gold, you know, lol?)  That is, unless you think he's hungry and starting to self-wean - in which case I'd try some cows milk so he's not hungry.
  • If I was BF, I would not have, but she is losing more interest in her bottle/formula and we had dropped to 3 a day. There really is no need to start, I just felt like she was ready. We are also on a Cow's milk formula so I knew she had no allergies. Pedi's don't really have you start milk until after 1 year.



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  • I'd keep nursing him for as long as u can/want to. We didnt do cow's milk till about a week before his 1st birthday. I know the doctors want them to get bm/formula for as close to 1 year as they can. Like M&M said if u think he's not getting enough from nursing u can offer a sippy of cow's milk, but thats  not an issue i'd keep trucking. When Jack started to not be interested in his bottles i'd offer him some BM in his sippy to get him to drink more to hold him off till closer to 1 year for the cows milk. good luck.
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  • Nic was the same way but lately he is more interested in nursing.  I think it is b/c my supply is lower so he gets hungrier and is getting less at a nursing session, so he is nursing more often.  We are not starting cow's milk until after the year.  He is on the small side and formula/bm has more calories and nutrients.  
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