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GD ladies- Breakfast ideas

I need some help! I was told a week ago that I have GD and I'm having a lot of trouble with keeping my numbers down after breakfast. What do you eat for breakfast? Thanks

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  • I always have 1 egg fried, a piece of toast (whole wheat low carb), and a piece of cheese.

    You could also try 1 egg scrambled with cheese in a tortilla.

  • I have two pieces of Natures Own SUGAR FREE wheat bread with peanut butter.


    Two eggs with one piece of wheat toast


    scrambled egg with cheese in a soft wheat no sugar tortilla (or you can have corn tortilla)

  • I have 2 scrambled eggs, glass of milk, and a piece of dry (no butter)Weight Watcher whole wheat bread.  My numbers are always great with this breakfast. 

    I cook the eggs at night and put them in individual, small glass pyrex bowls and warm them up.  I have to get up early for work and don't have much time to cook eggs in the morning.  AllI have to doin the morning is toast the bread and microwave the eggs for less than a minute. Less mess in the morning too.

    I actually make a couple days worth of eggs at a time.

  • On Sundays, I've been cooking a package of turkey sausage and eating one cup of Cheerios and heating up two sausage links.  the protein has helped keep my numbers low.  Breakfast has been my biggest challange b/c I would rather sleep than cook eggs. 
  • I always ate 1 slice of toast with peanut butter.

  • I have two scrambled eggs, a piece of toast, yogurt and almonds.  But I'm on insulin at breakfast as even having a protein only breakfast didn't keep my number down.
  • i always have 2 scrambled eggs with some cheese and one piece of whole wheat high fiber bread with butter.  that's the only thing that seems to keep my numbers down.  i really hate eggs at this point.
  • When I had GD with DD (I'm pg again is why I'm lurking around here) I had for breakfast one of the atkins shakes (its basically a protein shake) and a light yogurt. I hate eggs with a passion so this was my go-to protein source for breakfast.

    I pretty much know I'm going to have GD with this #2 pregnancy- and I dread the GD diet.

    However, the GD diet did help me not gain too much weight with baby and baby is quite healthy!

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