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Solid food question...

I'm in no hurry to start doing solids, but I'm wondering, what has to happen prior to LO getting the green light to eat solids?

Do they have to be able to sit up on their own?

My high chair has a tilt feature, but I'm just wondering from a physical developmental standpoint, what should LO be able to do before eating solids?

I guess I'm wondering what I should be working on with her. Right now we will do 30-45 minutes of back playtime and I flip her on her belly for 5 minute increments, both with and without towels/boppy pillows. (If I go any longer I risk a full blown crank where she won't calm down...)


Re: Solid food question...

  • Every baby is different.  My Fter was 6 months and not showing a buch of signs, my preemie, hit 5 months actual and was...I was ready to start him at 6 months adjusted, but then he started acting like he was ready prior to then. I waited till he was six months actual to just try cereal, he got sick and I pushed only milk, then he came back strong on solids at 7 months actual.   I am not a "you hit a certain age and then I must do it" kinda mom.  I looked for what is listed below, but he is not sitting unassisted  yet, but he definitely tells you when he wants it and doesn't.

    This being said, he hasn't met all of these or they don't apply to our situation, but, here are some signs of readiness I saw online: 

    Loss of tongue-thrust reflex - This allows baby to drink and swallow liquids with ease; with the tongue-thrust reflex still present, baby may simply drink in liquid purees or push the food back out. According to Dr. Jim Sears, in the first four months the tongue thrust reflex protects the infant against choking. When any unusual substance is placed on the tongue, it automatically protrudes outward rather than back. Between four and six months this reflex gradually diminishes, giving the glob of cereal a fighting chance of making it from the tongue to the tummy

    Ability to let you know she is full from a "meal" with signs such as turning away from the bottle or breast.  This is important so that baby is able to self-regulate the amount of food being eaten.  This helps stop baby from accidentally overeating as parents may continue to feed baby thinking that she is still hungry.  

    Ability to sit up and hold head up unassisted  

    Interest in your food (we tend to disagree with this one as when a baby reaches the age of 4-6 months, he is interested in putting everything in his mouth.)  

    Doubling of birth weight   (obviously not true with preemies, my FTer doubled by 2 months too though)

    Frequently waking in the middle of the night when a solid sleeping pattern had been establishedThis may not be the best indicator that your baby is ready for solids. Please keep in mind that a growth spurt will occur between 3-4 months of age, 6-7 months of age and also 9-10 months of age.  Baby may also be waking due to an illness or teething.

  • Thanks for posting this.



  • Simon started at 6 months, when he could hold his head up well.  He really wasn't sitting on his own yet.  From what I've read, you should start with 1 puree and see if LO pushes it back out.  If so, they aren't ready yet.

  • image mek10976:

    Simon started at 6 months, when he could hold his head up well.  He really wasn't sitting on his own yet.  From what I've read, you should start with 1 puree and see if LO pushes it back out.  If so, they aren't ready yet.

    I agree this is the big one.  Solid at first = a thickened feed (I figure most of us being reflux mommies, we know that texture well)

  • DD has had thickened feeds since about 2mos actual because of her reflux - at her 6mo (3mos adjusted) appt we got the go ahead to start that thickened feeding with a spoon.  She's not sitting up on her own but can hold her head up quite well.  We've started small (8-10 tiny spoonfulls a couple of times a day) and will not start adding foods until she's had a few weeks to get used to the spoon.

    ETA:  DD's Occupational Therapist suggested starting with the spoon (because of her reflux) and her pedi okayed it.

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  • Our pedi gave us the go ahead at 6 months actual (3.5 months adjusted).   They actually seemed ready to me - really looking at what we were eating, sitting up supported, putting things in their mouths (toys), etc.  They actually did great and have been eating every since.  We started with sweet potatoes and then did veg/fruit/veg/fruit introducing a new one every 4 days.  


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