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Is it horrible if I...

...leave my really good friend's baby gift home? My really good friend and her DH live 5 minutes from me. Her baby shower is today at The Village Cafe in Smyrna. The reason I ask is that I bought her the exersaucer off of her registry and she has also asked me to help bring her gifts back home to her house which I am more than happy to do. I am just wondering if I should lug my big gift in the giant box down there?  As of now I have it all ready to go and am bringing it I am just thinking that maybe I should leave my gift and bring the smaller items I have for her to the shower, so that I can help her get more home. She has a sedan and out of town family that she is bringing down there. I don't want to look like I showed w/o a gift and I don't want to take the fun out of the shower for her.

So would you just bring it down there or leave it home?

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Re: Is it horrible if I...

  • You could always print a pic of it and wrap that up or put it in a card. 


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  • That's not horrible at all.  Makes a lot more sense to just bring it to her house afterwards.  She is going to have sooo much stuff to lug back home already.  I like the idea of printing the pic and putting it in her card with a note that says it's at your house!  Have fun!
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  • I'd leave it at home but like pp's mentioned - I would print out a picture to bring to the shower! Have fun!
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    You could always print a pic of it and wrap that up or put it in a card. 


    excellent idea..

  • I'm sure you won't be singled out at the shower for having no gift. Just bring a card and even if you don't take a picture just write her a little note in it explaining. Leaving it at home and bringing it to her later is much more practical.?
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