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MSquires, I am so excited for you about your little boy! I just learned about Baby's First Images from your post. I'm going to be 15 weeks 6 days on Saturday and my parents happen to be coming into town for the weekend, so I called my mom and she was OVER THE MOON about the possibility of coming in for an ultrasound/gender determination with us--she even said she wanted to treat us! So I scheduled an appointment for next Saturday to find out the gender of our baby (at the very least it will be fun to have my parents see the baby live on ultrasound--it's the first grandchild in my family so they are VERY excited).

How accurate is gender determination at this stage? Did anyone do this at 16 weeks and then find out something different at 20 weeks? There's no polite way to ask this question, haha, but is the external genitalia really obvious this early? I'm a little worried since I am going in at BARELY (just under) 16 weeks that they won't quite be able to tell.

I would love to hear more about your personal experiences with BFI too! We will be going to the Buckhead location.

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  • we used BFI to determine Lily's gender.  I think I was 19 weeks at the time.  It was a great experience.  I loved being able to see her face.  She looked exactly like she does now.  We were able to see her sucking her thumb!  Drink tons of water so your pics will be really clear.  And eat/drink something sweet right before the ultrasound, so your baby will be moving.

    As far as the anatomy goes, I am not totally sure.  I have heard that things can change, and that is why most docs wait until 20ish weeks for the anatomy scan to do the gender. I remember looking at the screen and not being able to see anything clearly one gender or another.  The tech had to tell me what it was.  We did a fairly short session and wished we had done the longer session just because we wanted to keep watching her suck her thumb and wiggle around.

    Here is her 3d pic


    Here is her real life pic


  • My sister found out that she was having a boy @ 11 weeks and it was correct.  She went in just for a dating u/s and didn't want to know the gender.  The girl didn't know that and blurted out It's a boy.  I think you should be fine and long a baby corporates.  But you are right either way at least your parents get to see the baby!




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  • Hi dany!  We knew for sure at 16 weeks that G was a boy, no doubt. And yes, his gender was obvious, but he's never been shy about revealing himself.  He would just spread his little legs for the camera!  I think developmentally, you will be able to tell for sure as long as the baby cooperates. 

    I agree with the advice to drink water and have a full bladder.  That makes it easier.  Everytime we went for an ultrasound, the tech would brag on how cooperative he was and how photogenic.  Wouldn't you know, the day we did the 4D, he had his head laid back and looked like alien baby.  I had eaten a something sweet for breakfast and still no dice.  We ran to a 7-11 and got me a honey bun and a fruit punch, and still he wouldn't move around.  Finally, we went to lunch and when we came back, he was there on the screen, pretty as a picture.  Thank goodness we were having it done at our drs office and the tech knew us and was willing to work with us, otherwise it would have been a bust.  Bad baby! :)

    Good luck!  What an exciting time!

  • We used another place for our 3D and went in at 15wks. Even dh and I knew it was a boy when she got to that part. It was extremely obvious. Most of friends did 3D u/s between 15-16wks and all were correct.
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  • I'll be there next Saturday too!  Maybe I'll see ya - our appt is at 10:15.  Mom, SIL, FIL and MIL are all coming...we'll be quite the crew, lol.

  • We went at 17 weeks and the tech didn't need to tell me what we were having, it was very obvious. Of course, if he had been a she, it might have been a little more difficult for me to tell but the tech definitely would have been able to tell. I'm sure, unless the little one doesn't cooperate, that you'll be able to get a definite determination.
  • For Butterbean it was clear as day - there his little wee wee was poking out, so for a boy at 16 wks 4 days we could totally tell.  GOOD LUCK very special to do that with your parents!!!
  • I was 15 weeks and 5 days when BFI told me E was a boy (we took my mom as a surprise). The tech didn't want to say anything until she could get a good shot of it to show us, but she saw it right away. She ended up spilling the beans at the end, and we ended up going back for a redo b/c they didn't get his face since he was facing my back. But I am still impressed that one tiny glance and they were right!
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  • Thanks ladies! I am REALLY excited for my appointment on Saturday now!!
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