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Anyone have thier tubes tied?

Because of medical reasons this will be my last pg. I am thinking since I will be having a csection I might as well get my tubes tied to make sure we have no unplanned pg's in the future (another option would be getting DH snipped). However if you have had your tubes tied I am wondering how much more recovery time you needed and how it has been. TIA!

Re: Anyone have thier tubes tied?

  • My mom had me and my brother 11 months apart. She had to get a c-section and got her tubes tied as well. She said it was no  big deal and fit right into the recovery time. She didnt have anyone helping her raise me when my brother was born and recovered fine.

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  • I'm glad you asked this, as I'm planning to have mine tied as well once this one is born.
  • My SIL had 3 C/S and had her tubes tied with the last.  She noticed more pain with the last one.  she assumed it was because of the tubal.
  • I am getting mine tied with this C/S and most people I have talked to said there was no difference in recovery time.
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  • I looked into it and my OB told me that I'd never know he'd done it during my section.

    The biggest issue with recovering from a tubal is the gas they fill the abdomen with during the procedure.  By doing it with a section you don't have that gas issue. 

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  • No, but if we have a 4th, I'm DEFINITELY doing it then. The recovery time is HARDER with tube tying and c-section (my friends have had them).


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  • I did it!  There is absoulutely no difference in recovery time.  I've even asked my doctor (more than once!) just to make sure he actually did it.  I didn't want any surprises!  But no difference at all.  And now I don't have to worry about any BC.  So glad I did it!

    If I weren't already having a c-sec then DH probably would have gotten snipped.  But if you know you're done and they are going to have you open already, why not?  (The important part is KNOWING your done!)

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