Info on Fostering/Adopting?

I may be IF according to my doctors.  I know there is a good book out there Adoption for Dummies, but I feel like if I buy it, it will make me sad knowing my IF may really be true.  SO is there a website out there that maybe explains all this?  Or a couple of them?  I am interested in both adopting and foster to adopt.  Not sure on domestic or international.  My uncle adopted, but he got lucky as he started with a lawyer agency, and the lawyer had a friend who was pregnant and didnt want the baby as she was older and divorced and was looking for parents.  So they got their baby super fast....she is now in college, smart, pretty, athletic...just like her adoptive and real parents.  I see such great stories on here, like the lady who got 2 babies, the Jacob Landry baby lady? WOW what a blessing.

Okay thank you.

Re: Info on Fostering/Adopting?

  • If you are truly uncomfortable buying a book, there is lots of info on the internet.  My blog (link in siggy) has a lot of links to adoption-related sites and book references, when you're ready.

    There is a link in there to, an infertility information site - you may want to start there before worrying too much about adoption.  Learn about infertility, what your options really are for a biological child, and then see if adoption is something you are still interested in.  Adoption is not a cure for IF, so it's good to work through that issue first.  Adopting a child, no matter what route you take, can be a long and emotionally draining process - and can be really tough to stomach if you haven't worked through your grief over your IF.

    I'm sorry you are going through this and we are here to help you with any more questions you have.

    2 years TTC with 5 losses, 1 year recovering, 6 months applying for adoption approval, and almost a year waiting for a placement. Then, a miracle BFP at age 36!

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