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Follow up from my appt and was told I should take category c meds.

So I had posted sunday ormonday about questions about preeclampsia dn it's symptoms as well as me having allergies.

Well went to see pcp on monday and was told that my headaches that I have had for over a month now can be do to a low grade sinus infection that she saw I had, or my allergies as well.  She called in a rx for antibiodcs and a new nasal spray rhinecort.               Seh asked me if i have used rhinecort before and told her yes but many years ago. I"m assuming it didnt work since I have been using flonase nasal spray in combo with my allergra 180mg pill for like 3 or 4 years already but she said to try it anyways.

So i got the antibiodics but not the rhinecort becuase it was 80. dollars adn I didnt have the money. I had just spent 3 days before that 55 dollars on the xyzal allergy meds they have me on and as well as my husbands meds he spent like 40  ( had dental surgery).           Called the pcp office and said that was fine take the antibiodics with my flonase that i have at home and see how i feel.  She said if i didnt feel any better by this weekend , that maybe it was time to take my allegra pills.

My concern is that allegra is a category c and was taken off of it before i got pregnant and was put on a category b Xyzal 5 mg which doesn't work for crap.          I called my ob's office and they said the same thing that if I didnt feel better that maybe it was time to go back to allegra.

My only problem is that  I went through the same thing my first pregnancy but I didnt have high blood pressure, and was 3 years younger and when I did finally go back on my regular meds I was 5months pregnant, further than I am now.

I'm 15 weeks and although I had two great days this week, today i'm miserable again..         I have been on for the past 5 months on xyzal 5 mg, flonase nasal spray, sudafed ( now that my blood pressure is controlled) and tylenol and steam facial to help with the pressure.  Now nothing is working.

I dont want to take my regular meds just yet, I wish and am trying to hold off a little longer but I dont know if i just can.               I"m just having a hard time making peace with this and taking my meds.   I"m just scared, i'm 38yrs old and have had hbp for a year , been under control with no meds for 2 months now but still have to watch it doesn't go up. if so i have to get back on the meds.   Now im dealing with these allergies, that are just soooo bad.   My dh and i got into a discussion becuse he said I should just get on it already. I tell him he doesn't understand the responsiblility one feels when you are responsible for anohter human being.        I just think dh is tired of picking up the slack at home and with my toddler.  HE understands but these migraines are so bad that i'm lying down alot, the light bothers me, talking bothers me, everything bothers me.  The migraines are just pounding all the time.         I know it's not a life and feel guilty for my ds but Ijust feel like i'll never forgive myself if something happens to my baby because I could of tried harder to hold off longer.

I"m sorry this is so long, I guess I jsut needed to vent and let  my frustration all out.       I"m just scared/nervous and trying to do whats best for my baby............

Re: Follow up from my appt and was told I should take category c meds.

  • Category C doesn't mean the meds will be bad for baby, it means there has not been defined research to determine if med will be bad for baby.  It's really hard to do research on pregnant women for med safety, cause few moms and researchers want to take the risk something will happen.  As a result, lots of meds which may be (and even many which are highly likely to be) safe for use while pg will always be category C.  Generally, when dr.'s feel the benefits outweigh any foreseeable risks, they recommend you go forward with something that will fix the issues which is causing more harm untreated.

    If your OB says its ok, I would go with it's ok... 

  • With some of the drugs they do research to see if there has been any adverse affects with taking it during different parts of pregnancy.  If I were you, I'd research a bit on the internet to look for the drug trials and research being conducted.  Sometimes papers have been published but not yet acknowledged.  Many medications have been found completely safe for later on in pregnancy.  You are past stages of major organ differention, so it would probably be safe.  I'd do some extra research just to make sure though.  Sometimes the effect of not taking a medication that works can be worse than taking one that does on the baby.

    I used to suffer from migraines, and found out that certain food was triggering them.  As soon as I avoided caffeine, chocolate, and second hand cigarette smoke, and took an extra iron supplement they went away.  If I notice one starting, I immediately chug something with a ton of caffeine and eat a meal, then I attempt to fall asleep, this usually drives it off for me.  I have a friend who recently started getting them and she found out that red meat and shrimp would cause her to have them.  It might help you to keep a food journal and see if something specific is triggering them for you, no one should ever have to suffer in that horrendous pain for any length of time.

    I hope you can get some relief soon!

  • I have Rhinocort, but I haven't taken it unless it's absolutely necessary i.e. I can't breathe.  I was also on Rhinocort along with Allegra prior to 2008 when the Rhinocort was discontinued due to side effect of nose bleeds after I had nasal and sinus surgery.  I was on Allegra and Veramyst prior to getting pregnant and my allergist said, not to take those at all.  I'm to take Claritin and/or Rhinocort if I need it.  My allergies weren't that bad in the fall and I really didn't use either of them much.  I did a lot of saline rinses and used saline spray. 

    I had chronic sinusitis 8 bouts of sinus infections within 3 months.  They only went away after surgery, so I can definitely feel your pain.  Earlier in my pregnancy I had terrible headaches, it is a side effect. 

    Try the saline rinses and see if that kicks the sinus infection out.  I also did steam therapy with my sinus infections.  I had a pot that heated water and would breath out of it, I believe it was made by Vicks, only I never put the Vicks products in it, I just used it for steam.

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