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GD mamas- I ate PIZZA!

Okay, so maybe it was JUST one slice... and maybe I had like 6 buffalo wings first to fill me up.... but I wanted to "test" it out.

An hour later- my number was 78!!!!!!  Granted, this isn't a green light to eat pizza all the time... and it may effect my levels differently in the future..... but for once, I feel like I cheated the system LOL

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Re: GD mamas- I ate PIZZA!

  • Yes  what kind was it? and was it thin crust or regular?  what kind of wings did you have? A piece of pizza and wings sounds great to me, but I was afraid of the sauce that most places use to make their wings.
  • Gah, you're so lucky!  I had a cheeseburger from Fuddruckers the other day, without the top half of the bun, and my number was great.  I had the same feeling of outsmarting my body and getting a yummy reward!

    I'm really scared to try pizza for some reason.  Probably because it's my favorite guilty pleasure food, so I'd really feel like I was cheating if I let myself have something that tasty. :)

  • It was thin crust (normal sized) from a local pizza place.  Hot wings.  I've had VERY good luck with hot wings and my numbers.... so I loaded up on those and then had a slice of pizza.  I was pretty scared to test- but HAPPILY surprised!!! 
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  • I was worried when I ate pizza, but I just had one slice anyway.  My numbers are usually good if I limit the enriched flour food (pasta, rice, white bread).  It takes a lot of discipline!
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  • Oh Boy!  That means I am going to try our favorite pizza place next week to see if my numbers will be good to me or not... 

  • I ended up having pizza last night for dinner.  I had two slices of medium pizza, regular crust from Pizza Hut, some wings, and a salad.  My 1 hour was 127. I'm very pleased. 
  • I haven't had pizza in the 3 plus weeks of being diagnosed with GD, but a friend who is big on nutrition told me to eat 1 slice and eat just the toppings on a second slice-the cheese and all.    
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