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Question for mommies of 9wk old preemies.

I need advice on how to get my little one to sleep more than 3 hours at night. During the day she will sleep 4-5 hours straight. Night is a different thing all together like clock work she is up every 3 hours to fuss and to eat.

Please if you have any advice for me I would appreciate it :-)

Thanks from a very very sleepy mommy.

Re: Question for mommies of 9wk old preemies.

  • I can't help you with that... our pediatrician still wants us waking our DS to eat every 3 hours at night!
  • hmm...  it sounds to me like she has her days & nights mixed up a bit?  But according to your ticker, she is just barely full term--and it's normal for a newborn to eat every 2-3 hours at night, unfortunately.  Maybe offer her a larger bottle before bed to see if it will tide her over a bit longer?  Up until last week, we were still waking Stella every 4 hours at night to eat (& she is almost 8 months old!) because she drinks very small amount very frequently and we needed to do so in order to help her gain weight.  Good luck though!
  • I think that's normal to be waking every 3 hours especially at 9 weeks.  Our pedi had us waking the boys every 3-4 hours even at night until they were 10lbs.  If she does have her days/nights mixed up then you can try to change that by making sure the house if really bright, light, etc. during the day, and very dark, calm, etc. at night so that she gets more used to that.  


  • ditto to pp. it was especially helpful to have the house bright during the day and darker at night. Also I noticed when I let S sleep longer during the day 4-5 hours then he was up more at night 2-3 hours so if I woke him every 3 hours during the day he slept better at night. but at that age it is normal to wake every 2-3 hours at night.
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  • Ditto what everyone has said.  Our DS didn't sleep more than 2-2.5 hours in a row at night until he was 9-weeks old which for us was about 4-weeks adjusted.  Unfortunately you just need to give it time!
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  • She doesn't have enough melatonin to sleep longer at nights (which aids in night sleeping, her body will produce it eventually around 3-4 mths old).  Sleep more during the day when she does to make up for your sleepless nights.  Hang in there, around 3 months old my babies began STTN on and off.
  • My LO is just about 9 weeks as well. She just recently began sleeping through the night (hopefully it continues). I consistrently wake her during the day every 3 - 3/12 hours to eat. Most of the the time she wakes on her own though. I try to keep it bright in the house during the day as well. Once I get to her second to last bottle of the night I get her into her pj's, feed her, and make sure I dim the lights. At her last bottle, I always feed her in the same room that she will be sleeping in during the night. Have you tried a noise machine of some sort? My LO loves the homedics sleep machine. I keep it on all night for her.
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