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A lego outlet in GA? What?

OK I didn't know this existed until I saw someone on FB post that they were going there.  Saw it is at Discover Mills in Lawerenceville.  Anyone ever been?  Do they have toddler items or is it more like a big kid store?

Re: A lego outlet in GA? What?

  • Oh yeah!  It's great, has stuff for all ages.  My little cousin (age 7) has been into legos forever, he goes to competitions and stuff!  We always get one of his Christmas presents from there.  They have a huge Darth Vader made out of Legos at the entrance!

  • Yes, it does?exist! Lot's of cool fun stuff for little kids all the way to adults (if youre into that kinda stuff ;) ). Darth Vadar does greet you at the door in all of his lego glory and just that mall is fun for kids I think. Theyve got a few good play areas throughout the mall. Worth checking it out!
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  • It's a great mall for walking too because it's one big circle.  Not sure how far around it is but I'd say maybe a mile at least?  And PP is right, VERY kid friendly!  I love how the Carters, Gymborre, and Osh Kosh outlets are all right there together (as well as Motherhood Maternity).  The Burlington there has a great baby/kids section as well, it's huge!

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