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too much amniotic fluid?

Just wondering if anyone has too much amniotic fluid or have hear of this before. It's my first baby and im freaking out. I'm 37 weeks and the doctor told me he is going to talk worth a specialist and get back to me by Monday but tell then im freaking out. i have been researching it on the internet which is really scaring me. he said they might want to induce me by 38 weeks if i haven't gone on my own. if anyone has any info about this i would love to hear it. thanks chirssy

Re: too much amniotic fluid?

  • I had it with my DS 1 he is totally fine and a very noraml almost 2 year old, I did the same thing and googled it that was so scary - try to relax and don't worry.try not to read about it i know it's hard but do it for your piece of mind.

    For me -it was 28-31 which is high...I ended up going into labor at 33 weeks and 4 days due to pPROM and he was in the NICU. You are already full term so no worries there.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  • oh and i had GD. Did you pass your GD tests?

  • I had that condition with my LO he was born on Christmas day at 34 and 3. My advice to you is this: don't panic too much you have already made it further than I did and your baby will be fine have faith. Also be prepared for some weirdness during labor, my doctor had to puncture my sac with a needle because if my water had broken on its own the cord could have come out first, that whole needle thing is really weird. They did watch me a lot during labor because of the fluid, but my baby had a perfect shaped head. Also because my uterus was measuring like I was having multiples (the doctors said I could have had triplets in there) it did take a little longer for things to go back to normal after birth.
  • yes I passed my GD test.
  • Thank you I feel a lot better. I'm trying not to read too much about it anymore. Thanks
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