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Potty Training (Pull Up) Question

I am mostly using training pants with DD because I think she feels more wet when she has an accident. I do have Pull Ups and have been using them when we need to go somewhere. Up until today I have been putting a diaper on her at night and she never said anything to me about it. Well tonight she said "Mommy, I don't wear diapers." Luckily I got out of it and told her just tonight.

Can I put a Pull Up on her at night? Do I need to worry about them leaking? What do you use at night?

This has been a long week of potty training and I am hoping that her telling me she doesn't wear diapers means we have turned a corner with this. 

Re: Potty Training (Pull Up) Question

  • The LO I nanny for does a pull-up at night and she's fine.  No leaks. 
  • Is she dry in the AM - or at least somewhat less wet than prior to PTing?  You could try a pull up at night and see how it holds up, but I really have no idea how much they absorb.

    We still wear diapers most nights even though she wakes up dry 80% of the time - I just don't have the energy or time to clean sheets 20% of the time if she were to have an accident.  Her cloth still fits, so I just don't want to spend the money on pull ups.

    I just told Kylie that we can still wear diapers to bed because we don't want pee in bed in case she forgets to go to the potty in her sleep and she accepts that.   She is a neat nick so the though of pee in her bed freaks her out so she was more than happy to go with the flow.

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  • imageMrsLee04:
    Huggies makes overnight pull-ups.  I use these for DD because she's always been a heavy night pee-er.  We always had to use Huggies Overnites diapers for her.  DS stills wears diapers at night only because I am trying to use them up.  Once they are finally used up he will wear a regular pull-up at night.  He doesn't really need the overnight kind because he doesn't pee as much at night.

    Thanks! I think we'll be good with just regular ones. Do you use Up & Up pull ups?

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