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I forgot to mention (continued from rant below)

This morning when I woke this morning at 6:30 it was freezing in our house.  I look at the thermostat and it is 59 degrees in the house.  I turned the heat off and back on and it wouldn't kick on.  I woke up DH and he had to climb in the attic.  Turns out the $400 duct cleaning people forgot to put the filter back in and put the panels back on the furnace which caused it not to kick on all night long!!! 


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Re: I forgot to mention (continued from rant below)

  • I'd call them and tell them to come out and fix it and that they also need to knock some $ off of the bill for the inconvenience. My dh is in sales and knows the tricks and STILL gets sold a bill of goods. It's a good thing that I handle the $$.
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  • Here's my two cents on duct cleaning.  I've been investigating this for awhile (since one of the ducts in our bedroom sometimes emits a sooty like substance - I know they've never been cleaned.)  Sears charges a flat rate, like $99 and then charges per vent which will quickly add up.  Independant companies, one in particular here, (the one I've chosen to use) charges $400 up front, clean every duct, vents, sterilize them, use a special kind of brush to really get them clean that washes and sucks up the dirt at the same time.  Sears basically sweeps it out and squirts some air freshener,.  Looks like, if you paid $400 up front you saved yourself from being swindled. It's frustrating that they forgot to put the panels back on, but just ask them to come back out.  I hope this makes you feel better about the money you spent.  It really is a good investment, esp. with a baby in the house :) 
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