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Main Line Fertility girls come in...

Are you getting ready to do IVF and know your med protocal yet? If so, let me know what your going to need I have some left over meds if you want them. I would love to help out other girls on here, but I just don't want to mail them and have to worry about getting caught. They are yours for free, I don't want any money, I just want to help out. It gets to be so expensive and stressful. I've been there twice and have been very fortunate.

Re: Main Line Fertility girls come in...

  • I don not need the meds as I am already stimming just wanted to say hi.  I love MLF.  They have been really wonderful both last time and this time around.
  • Who's your doctor? Mine was doctor G. I love all of them there too! Where are you in your stims?
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  • Dr. G here as well.  Love him.  Actually I do not like that I never see him with IVF.  I go back Mon for a follie check and will probably have retrieval Wed or Thurs.
  • Do you go to the Bryn Mawr office? Were you there when Danielle worked as one of teh IVF nurses? I loved her and wonder why she left. I always felt like her and doctor G never got along. When did you start going back? I was there from end of August and just left in the begining of Jan.

  • Yup I go to BM.  We got lucky with DS and got pregnant on our 3rd IUI so I only knew that side of the office.  This time around I started back in Aug and we did 3 unsucessful IUIs before moving to IVF.  I have heard others say they really liked Danielle though. 
  • That's crazy, so we were there around the same time. I'm sending you a PM.
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