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GD ladies...juices

I'm a HUGE juice drinker! So if I can't have juice in the AM, what do I have with breakfast? The thought of water makes me sick in the early AM! Milk?

Can I get the tropicana 1/2 1/2 juice? 

Also I need lunch choices badly! I'm use to eating either a lean cuisine, chicken salad sandwich or peanut butter sandwich. I need ideas!

Re: GD ladies...juices

  • Juice is out for the rest of the pregnancy.  I love juice with breakfast too so I understand.  I just drink water in the AM.  You can have milk, but you have to count it as a carb.  15g of carbs for each milk serving. 

    You'll probably still be fine with a chicken salad sandwich and a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.  Just check the carb count on your bread and make sure it's whole wheat. 

  • I talked to a coworker about GD and she found that her glucose shot up after eating fruit on an empty stomach.  I would save the juice as part of your mid-morning snack.

     You have plenty of options for lunch as long as you watch your carb intake.  A salad full of greens (for folic acid and other vitamins) with some lean protein and light dressing.  

     A brisk 15-20 minute walk after lunch also helps with the numbers.

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  • I'm not allowed any juice at any time. I'm no help!

    I miss my OJ & Cran-Grape juice.... 

  • i use the crystal light orange flavor some mornings.  It tastes a bit like Tang, which isn't great and gives me flashbacks to my childhood, but I can't drink water on an empty stomach so this works.
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  • I'm not allowed juice and definitely miss my OJ! I don't have problems with water in the am but I usually mix it with Crystal Light... they have so many flavors that it doesn't get boring.
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  • I can have 1/2 a glass of juice if I only eat eggs and nothing else. 

    LUnch I eat salads with protein, humus and veggies, soups, or quiche, you can still have half your pb sandwich or chick salad sandwich. 

  • No juice, I'm very sad about this.  I tried to have a few grapes the other morning and it shot my levels up, so I guess they're right about the no fruit in the morning thing.  I am allowed milk for breakfast though, 1 serving of milk with 2 starches is my recommended breakfast.  0 fruits though :(
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