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Weekends bug me

So here it is Friday night and what am I doing?  The same thing I do every night Pinky... lol.  Fridays used to mean "yay! It's the weekend!!" But since I don't work, it's just like another day to me.  Even my Mom hinted that she and her hubby want to be "alone" this weekend.  Bums me out because I feel like I have no friends (ya know...they are all single with no kids, lol) ....Mom's is the only place Liam and I can really go hang out other than home.  I'm SO bored.

Anyone have the same issues?  What are you all doing this weekend?

 On a high note, Mom brought over a Jumparoo today!  :D  He loves it!

Re: Weekends bug me

  • I plan on going shopping.  I need to buy a new back door for my house, so I'll go to Lowe's tomorrow.  (I love that place and could spend a crap-ton of money there.)  Maybe get my nails done and take DD to the movies.  Other than that, just household stuff.  Nothing really exciting, but I'm ok with that.

    Big Smile

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  • Nothing tonight. I would like to wash and vacuum my car tomorrow. Tomorrow night I am supposed to go with a friend and her son to the Monster Truck Show. Other than that I have a TON of errands but that means spending money I really don't have. I am really looking forward to my income tax refund!!

    Monday we are going to the doctor for the 4th time in 2 weeks. I am thinking we are headed to a chest x-ray. Her wheezing is HORRENDOUS!

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  • Cleaned out the entire house. Fixing to rip up the nasty dog-hair infested carpet and put in laminate wood flooring. Can I say my back is killing me??

    Peeps I hope DD starts feeling better. I hate that she is sick.

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