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I'm ignoring my child

Sigh....it is the only way I can get Colton to take a nap.  Seriously, he is not even 6 months old and would skip naps all together if I didn't:

a) put him in his swing with the paci, turn the lights off and walk out of the room (I go back if he cries) but he will just lift his head and look at you if you don't leave and then start to fuss that he wants out.

b) put him in the car and drive around.  He can not resist the car ride.


I love sleep.  I love naps.  Don't get what both of my kids have against it.  They take after their Dad.  You know in Elf where Buddy says "I got a full 30 seconds of sleep, I feel great."  That is my husband.

Re: I'm ignoring my child

  • I know how you feel! My DH is totally like that too. As soon as he wakes up, he has to hop out of bed and do something.

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  • image Louise06:


    I wish I could spend a day sleeping.   One of these years, I am going to ask for just that for my birthday.  Of course, I will be wide awake by 8 am and not know what to do with myself for the rest of the day.  

  • Nate took naps in his swing until he was 7 months old.  Then it took me 1 month to transfer him to his crib.  I found out if I did the sleep sack during the day like I did at night that was the trick.  Also that is when he started sleeping with his stuff animal too.  It was hard month but I wouldn't give up.
  • I should have written that article. It is my life story, followed by having a child and having to give up my sleep obsession. The sweetest thing my DH does is take Owen some mornings and let me sleep. I LOVE those mornings!
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