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Im 20 years old and expecting my first child..a girl! Im 23 weeks now and the my little girls daddy has chosen to abandon us Sad. around new years we decided to try and work things out and i havent heard from him since ive made multiple attempts to contact him and ive finally given up. i have no clue if he is planning to come around after she is born and it is making me quite nervous. i am very very lucky though i have such a great and supportive family and my best friend is expecting too! she is about 10 weeks behind me.

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  • I hate to say welcome, but I hope that the daddy decides he wants to be involved for your DD, but it is not the end of the world if he doesn't. Congrats on the baby girl!! They are so much fun!

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  • The ladies on here are you are in the right place for support. As for the father, I hope he will make a turn around when your DD arrives. But if not, remember it's all about your daughter keep her best interest first.


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  • I hope so too! at least a little effort would be nice, i told him when i was finding out the sex and he never called to find out or anything im still debating on if i should tell him or not, i havent tried to contact him since the very beginning of january
  • Welcome to a wonderful group of ladies!  Sorry you have circumstances that have led you here.  I had a similar situation... the guy ditched and went into hiding when I was 5 months prego.  I just filed child support against him as soon as the baby was here and "suddenly" he resurfaced.  He's still not paying or in the baby's life, but at least the right agencies know where he is.
  • I'm sorry to hear that. It sucks to meet you on these terms, but I really think you will love it here. I know I do! I hope the father gets his act together for his childs sake, but if he doesn't then it is not the end of the world. I know plenty of men and women out there that have raised children on their own and they are doing just fine today!! Hang in there!
  • Welcome and GL!  There are several women on here who were pregnant and single or who are now.  I left DB when I was 8 months pregnant.
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