it always makes my heart flutter a **teeny** bit when...

old grade school crushes names appear on the side of FB as a suggestion.

I'm 100% happy in my marriage, and there is no way I'd friend them or request a friendship because I just have this thing that FB friends need to be people I have talked to in the last year, else they aren't worthy of seeing pics of my kids and stuff going on in my life currently.

but--when those names pop up, a part of me wonders what they are doing and if they are married etc, etc, etc.

Re: it always makes my heart flutter a **teeny** bit when...

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    am i not a worthy fb friend?
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    I found one of my very first crushes a few weeks ago.  The person EVERYONE had a crush on.  He was the nicest person, quarterback/captain of the football team, involved in his church and really good looking.

    He is now a youth pastor with over 1,000 FB friends (and I wouldn't doubt it if he truly is friends with each and every one of them) who has spent time in 3rd world countries doing his about making your heart flutter all over again.  :-)

    Yes, I love my husband and am perfectly happy with my life.

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