T&P for Haitian Adoptive Parents--Update :(

Our O is hoping to get a majority of the children eligible for Humanitarian Parole on a flight out of Haiti tonight. Most of the kids' paperwork is being reviewed by the Haitian Prime Minister right now. A few parents have been told that their paper work is missing (one in particular received a call confirming USCIS had it all on Tuesday--today she is informed they can't find any of it). Those parents are heartbroken. Another parent was told her fingerprints were missing only for the US Embassy to locate them at the last minute. They are hoping the finger print documentation is being rushed to the PM so their daughter can get on the flight tonight too. Please think of them today and hope they are reunited with their children late tonight/early tomorrow. For those who don't make it on the flight tonight, I hope they will in the next few days.

And as always, please keep the children left behind in your thoughts and prayers. They have a long heavy road ahead of them as the orphanage tries to rebuild.

ETA: Not going to happen tonight. Maybe in 2-3 days. Another setback.

Re: T&P for Haitian Adoptive Parents--Update :(

  • I pray for them everyday, candm.  All the best to all your loved ones.
  • Thanks for sharing.  My husband and talk about these children daily.  I can't imagine how the parents are dealing. 
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  • My and I will be praying for them throughout the evening. Thank you so much for giving us updates
  • Thanks for the update!  I pray for them daily!
    Not sure what direction we are headed. Either way, I am up for the ride.
  • Thanks for the update. I just cannot believe they will actually have to leave children behind.... it makes me so sad and angry.

    Prayers going out...

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