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Time for school. ((*groans*)) My professor really bugs me. Can't wait to tell y'all about what he did today once I get back home.


Re: ugh

  • Well. He's basically a dumbsh*t. He told the class that our brains are wired wrong. 8 people dropped the course today. It's amazing how the entire class came up with the same answer, not to mention it being in the back of the book, but if we didn't come up with his answer... it's WRONG. He's senile.
  • Haha, when I was in my training we had one teacher who was very very old and he was not a good teacher at all but he was fun to have. Luckily every teacher taught the same subject and just switched around so it's not like he was the only one teaching us.
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  • It's miserable. I already know the material I'm taking the exact same course in high school right now, the only difference is I've been in that class one semester longer. The professor is predictable, so instead of listening to him taaallllkkk... liiikkkkkeeee... ttthhhhiiiisssss.... I just do my homework. I have the homework done for the next time we have his class before he is even done lecturing. It's crazy.
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