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Any time saving *products* you'd rec for 2 LOs?

I wondered this yesterday as I was scrubbing off DD's (Bumpkin...washable) bib in the sink......and then washed her highchair tray..........for the fourth time last night after dinner that I could maybe consider disposable bibs once #2 gets here (oh, heck, NOW lol).

I don't love the idea of more waste but I dread the meal and snack clean up so many times a day with just one lol. Aside from disposable bibs to help with meal cleanups, are there any other time saving products you've used/would recommend?

Re: Any time saving *products* you'd rec for 2 LOs?

  • I think the meal/snack clean up just comes with the age.  It should get better soon.  Honestly, I had both of my kids eating on a booster at the table from the time they were 18 mos old.  I couldn't stand to clean the high chair any longer. 

    I thought BF'ing was a huge time saver.  Yeah, it takes time to BF, especially in the early weeks.  But, you have to feed an infant often anyway.  I liked that there were no bottles involved, no warming anything up and I didn't have to pack anything for the baby to eat in the diaper bag (but my hooter hider had to be with me at all times).

    A sling or bjorn was also very helpful in keeping both kids happy, which meant than any task could be completed faster. 

    DS1 age 7, DD age 5 and DS2 born 4/3/12
  • Toss  bibs just don't get the job done and it is not much to clean 2 bibs. Just part of the job. I mean what will another 30 seconds mean in the scope of a day? You will just spend more time ding stain treatment in the laundry.

    I just clean as I go and I do a 15m round-up and pick up at the end of each day. Put everything back in the right room.

  • Honestly, I'm on the same page as pp. Another 30 seconds just doesn't make it worth it for me. Granted, I don't have two yet, but I'd much prefer to just pick up here and there.

    I usually sweep little messes regularly, so I only have to do a big floor cleaning once a week. We also vacuum whenever needed (though DH does this, so that helps). I do a toy pick up whenever possible, and we're working on teaching DS how to put things back. I also immediately take 10-15 minutes when he first goes down for nap to straighten up a bit before anything else. It helps my sanity.

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