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Ov. & hcg shot

Can you ovulate on the same day you trigger? Also, why would I still have ewcm after my temp shift ( I was taking mucinex, could that b y?) Does the novarel shot affect temps?? TIATongue Tied

Re: Ov. & hcg shot

  • I suppose you could O on the same day as the trigger, but it wouldn't be due to the trigger shot.  You might start Oing before the trigger.  I don't think it's likely if you are being monitored though.
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  • I go in today again for another scan so maybe my dr will have some answers. I'm just wondering if my RE should have had me trigger earlier. I dont know whats going on with me :(
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  • My CM is sometimes on a weird schedule with medicated cycles.  I think you were most likely still okay to trigger on CD12 unless you normally O early.
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  • Two months ago I'm quite sure Oed the day *before* I triggered.  In other words, it's very possible, it just wouldn't be due to the trigger as pp said.  I had a u/s Tuesday a.m. and was told to trigger Wed. a.m., but I'm 99% sure I Oed sometime later Tuesday.  Oops.  It doesn't mean the cycle is a waste though, just that everyone had the same idea at the same time!  You can definitely still have EWCM after O -- it's not necessarily clockwork.  GOOD LUCK!!! :)
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