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NYC Daycare as expensive as a Nanny?!

I just called a few daycare places because I know Nanny care can be really expensive in the city... 2 daycare places I spoke with cost $25,000 and up!  Should I just plan for all of my monthly savings to go to a Nanny rather than sign my unborn kid up for daycare once my maternity leave is up?

And if anyone has any recommendations about NYC daycare (I'm in midtown), please let me know!


Re: NYC Daycare as expensive as a Nanny?!

  • I really hope you get responses to this because I am curious too. Most nanny ads on CL say 15$ per hour. And I've found prices on a few daycares and they were about 1650 a month. 25k is a little more than what I was finding... 
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  • I'm going through the same thing on UES.  I have priced daycares, and I am now starting to look for nanny options too b/c daycare is so expensive.  Check out  This is a small family care on UES that is moving their location to 59th/3rd in two weeks.  I spoke with the lady that runs this place and was very interested until I heard she is moving.  3/4 of the children she cares for are moving to the new location (I thought that was a good sign).  Full time is $1390/mo.  Urban Baby website also had some discussions and recommendations about nanny prices and different daycares if you search daycare or nanny.  You can also get referrals for daycare in your zip code from Center for Children's Initiatives (212) 929-7604.
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  • great post! i have the same question and have tried to do research for daycare in midtown (i'm on the east side) and have found only a couple of daycare centers in my area, all are full with a year-long waiting list (AT LEAST) and over $25K a year. Currently we have a nanny and it's costing us less. I just wanted to expose my daughter to other children, but maybe scheduling playdates is the way to go!

    wanna get together?? :)


  • wow so much to think about...

    I can't believe daycare would be pricier than a nanny.. We have yet to do the research but I've always known we'll go the nanny route.

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