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and you won't keep waking up.  If you do want to spit it out, don't cry like someone stole it from you.  Mommy has other things to do besides stand over you and hold the paci in.

BTW, Daddy is contemplating taping the binky to your face.  Just something to consider next time you get ready to spit it out.

Sweet Dreams,


  • I was about to suggest duct tape myself ;)
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  • Were you here when that girl on 0-6 (or maybe parenting) posted that she left her baby home with her H for a few hours and when she came home, he'd duct taped the pacifier in her mouth and stuck her in the swing?


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  • I told him that although tape might be considered abusive, we might be able to get away with one of those party hat elastic string thingys
  • Scuba--I would kill him.  Luckily, so far, DH seems to be fairly intelligent and attentive with DD.  He even puts her in the Moby when she's tired and fighting sleep. He looks like a pregnant man, it's quite funny.
  • LOL!  At least she'll take it at all. Kate spits hers out.
  • hippy--yeah, she'll take it for now, but I doubt much longer.  She wants SO BADLY to figure out her hands.  She knows how to get them to her mouth, but she can't always get just her thumb or just a couple of fingers seperated from the rest of her fist so that she can suck on them.

    When I put the paci in, I always have to manuver it around her hands, because she's trying to shove those in her mouth.

    Once she gets the thumb/finger thing down, I'd say the binky will be worthless.

  • frenchy, your daughter is absolutely adorable.
  • Thanks :)  DH and I are quite proud of our cute baby making skills.
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