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AW: My friend had her twins last night

3 days overdue!  She had a water birth at home.  Each baby weighed in at over 6lbs!  Wowsa.  Each of her babies was bigger then Kate was.

She's doing great and officially done having kids.  Like my mom she said she calls it quits when they start coming in pairs.

Re: AW: My friend had her twins last night

  • Aw yay! and lol at coming in pairs. I'd quit too!

    "I stammered, unable to form a coherent thought because I have a vagina."



  • WOW! Big babies for twins! Good for her!

    I gave you life, then you gave me mine.

    TTC February 2008 to October 2008 One year forced break due to OIF deployment #2
    Resumed TTC in October 2009 HSG, Hysteroscopy, S/A all clear
    Five total medicated cycles and IUI #1-3 = BFN and all while we were still "unexplained IF"
    25 August Lap revealed Endo, adhesions and blocked left tube
    September 2011: Femara + IUI #4 (IUI #1 post endo removal) =BFFN
    November: IVF #1: Stims started 11/16 ER 11/25 (7R, 5F) ET 11/30 Transferred 2 beautiful expanding blastocysts +HPT 12/6/11
    Beta #1 at 9dp5dt=153! Beta #2 at 16dp5dt= 4009!
    Ultrasound 12/30 showed one beautiful heartbeat! EDD 17 August, 2012

    Hazel Evelyn arrived 10 August, 2012!

    Surprise natural BFP March 2015. M/C at 5 weeks
    Another surprise natural BFP April 2015

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  • what's cuter than an sdorable baby? TWO adorable babies! Good for her!
  • Thats great!
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  • How wonderful! Congrats to her!
  • thats great, and great weight!
  • Wow thats an amazing woman. I cant imagine having twins.
  • She carried them to term and they weighed that much, and she had them at home? I couldn't do it! Congrats to her!
  • Aww how cool. What a wonderful thing that people can have uncomplicated deliveries. I am jealous!
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