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Poll: favorite olympic sport to watch??

Mine is women's gymnastics....

How about you?

Re: Poll: favorite olympic sport to watch??

  • Swimming, I swam competitively for 9 yrs.
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  • Both men's and women's gymnastics, women's is awesome because I was in gym. for a while, men's because they naturally have more upper body strength which in return get them higher in the air during flips.

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  • I like Winter Olympics for the skating and extreme winter sports better, but for summer I guess gymnastics (I always want to see if they will stick it or not)
  • (I'm a winter olympic person myself)

    But for the summer olympics, Men's gymnastics. The rings are amazing
  • gymnastics and swimming
  • none, maybe figure skating or gymnastics if I had to
  • Ditto on women's gymnastics...for some reason though I was glued to women's volleyball this morning (USA vs. Japan).
  • Definitely women's gymnastics, they start tomorrow and I can't wait!

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  • Gymnastics, too.  I sort of like track and field, too.
  • Mens swimming but only because I like to look at all of the abs/pecs.
  • And volleyball. I had a crush on him when he went to UH.
  • Swimming and gymnastics. I too was a competitive swimmer through childhood and hgh school.
  • Definitely indoor and beach volleyball. Women's gymnastics is not far behind.

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