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Everytime I see one of your posts I want Oreos!  Stick out tongue   (And I just had lunch)
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Re: BostonGayGirl

  • Apparently a lot of people see it and think it is a light house.  It is not.  I love Oreos. 

    I just saw your response below and am reposting my response: 

    I totally didn't mean to sound judgmental, I have just never heard of a school hosting a pageant.  I don't think that would fly in Massachusetts, but I could certainly be wrong.

    A schoolmate of mine in college was Miss. NH.  She was smart and extremely stable/not narcissistic.  I do worry about culture of pageantry and girl's sense of worth, but saw none of what I fear actualized in her. I am not judging your daughter or other kids who try it. 

  • Thats ok, I'll judge.  I watch toddler and tiaras bc I think its sad and funny at the same time.  I certainly don't want my daughter to think self worth = beautiful.  That said, the only beauty queen I know IRL is just like the one you described. 

    ETA - Even for GA, it's a little out there, but its for charity so I guess that makes it ok.  Confused

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