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How many follicles did you have before your IUI?  Just curious.  I only had two but the idea of twins kinda scare me.  One baby keeps ya busy!  Of course, I wont complain it if I get two either ;-)

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  • Hey girlie!  I had a 17 mm and 19 mm the day I triggered and then had the IUI 36 hours later.

    Prior to that when I did the Clomid I had much bigger follies, like, 22 and 24.   Always only two.

    I'm pumped for you.  I can't wait for you to test!!!  : )

    ETA-I still have moments of crying and moments of joy over this.  I just tell myself that I wouldn't be given something that I couldn't handle.  It'll be tough.    My RE was surprised that both took since there were only two follies.

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  • Thanks for the info.  I think I had an 18 mm and I think the other may have just been 13 mm or so, I forget now.  I'm hoping for just 1....I will take what I get! ;-) 
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