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Mobility & distractions makes having 2 tricky

Having 2 kids hasn't been bad for me.  But we have reached a tricky time now that Bri is very distractable and is becoming mobile.  Nursing is an issue because each little thing grabs Bri's attension and she stops to look.  I can't go any place quiet because I can't take my eyes off Tyler.  So she has adapted by not eating much during the day, but making up for it by nursing lots at night.  She used to be good at taking a bottle, but with the holidays and changes in our schedule, I didn't give her a bottle for a while and now she wont take it, she just chews on it.  I know she would drink it if she was starving, but I refuse to do that to her when we have a system that works.

She is also becoming mobile.  She isn't crawling yet, but it will be any day now, she is so close.  But she is real good at rolling around and scooting to what she wants.  This is proving problematic though because she always wants things Tyler gets out that are choking hazards.  I am afraid I am going to have to put all Tyler's toys in the basement where he can't play with them, and put up a gate so he can't go get things out.  He has a talent for finding things small and potentially harmful for Brianna.  Even though he understands what she can and can't have, her ability to get across the room now in seconds makes everything a hazard.  And I refuse to put her in a pack/n/play all day, it is fine for things like making lunch or running to the bathroom but hours on end is not good.  She has started pulling herself up so we had to lower her crib matress, of course this now means Tyler can climb in!  Uhg, that is an issue too.  Not because he poses a danger to Bri (he is so careful with her) but because it allows him to get on her changing table where we keep medicines, clippers, etc.

I think I need to rethink and rearrange the WHOLE HOUSE this week!

Re: Mobility & distractions makes having 2 tricky

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