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3rd Trimester

pain in the crotch??

Has anyone experienced pain in the crotch...not like lightning pain just an achy feeling that makes standing uncomfortable. i'm feeling guilty for not getting anything done around the house but this is definatly keeping me off my feet.

Re: pain in the crotch??

  • Yes I get it quite often. It sucks I know.
  • Yes!  For probably two months straight.  It's the worst when I try to roll over and can't because I literally get shooting pains in my crotch.  This definitely did NOT happen with baby #1. 

    I just keep telling myself that the pain in my crotch after DS is here is way worse, so I should just suck it up.  It doesn't really help, though.

    So, I feel for you!

  • Yes, I get that off and on.  It hurts...

    I was going to ask my doctor about it on Friday, but it seems to be very common. 

  • Yes, it feels like it is bruised or really sore.
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    Yes, it feels like it is bruised or really sore.

    THIS! Or like I've pulled a muscle...but then the pain goes away for a little while. Definitely not a pulled muscle. At least, in the usual sense of things. There are probably plenty of muscles getting "pulled" inside my body right now. 

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  • My pain feels like I have been riding a bike for 2-3 hours straight.
  • I have totally been feeling the same thing!  Its nice to be reassured that I'm not the only one Big Smile
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    Yes, it feels like it is bruised or really sore.

    This!  It also hurts my girly parts to lift my leg up to climb into bed or one of our car's that is higher off the ground.  It seriously feels like someone kicked me in the crotch over and over again.

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  • my doc said it is perfectly normal cause there is a muscle that runs to the groin area that at 37 weeks is streached to its max and any simple movement such as standing can cause a VERY uncomfortable pain...

     But yes very common and she said it get better from here something to look forward too...

  • I get that too.  My doctor said it is common and that a maternity belt may help with that pain.  I bought one, but i havent' used it enough to determine if it works.
  • Me too! I feel like I have been riding a horse all day!
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