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Ok, so I need your opinions.

So I finally caught the cold my kids and husband all had after trying to avoid it like the plague. It's the kind where you get that tickle in your throat everytime you talk and then it throws you into a gagging coughing fit and your eyes tear up and you snot all over yourself. Not pretty.

So this morning I picked up a few hours for a co-worker and I went into work like this.  During the day I feel ok, but I don't have much of a voice and I had to continually leave the room because I would start to cough (which makes it really hard to get my work done).  I personally wouldn't want me taking care of a family member in this state....but the kicker is I feel ok. I just sound crappy and have coughing fits every 5 seconds. I wash my hands religiously and wear a mask when I'm in the room with the patients, but I don't know....

I have to work a full shift tomorrow. Would you go in? Would you want me taking care of your family member? Its ok, you can be honest. 


Re: Ok, so I need your opinions.

  • Oh.. I so know the feeling. I had a few coughing fits at work a couple weeks back and i was like.. OMG these people probably think I have the plague and are touching their food.. BUT.. I felt totally fine..

    It just depends on if you can afford not to work. Do you have paid sick time? Since I don't.. I basically work unless i'm deathly ill. I don't know how it works now since you're per diem.. you probably don't get the paid sick time anymore, huh? I think I'd go.. Will your  supervisor send you home if they think you shouldn't be there?
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  • Does sucking on lozenges help?  I had something like that last year when I was pregnant and I was trying to do a refund for a customer and it was so horrible.  I was coughing and my eyes were tearing up. Luckily my cashier had a halls so I popped that in and it seemed to help

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  • Well, if I am being totally honest, I would probably take the day off.  However, I think it's great that you are taking a lot of precautions and wearing a mask!!  And since you're doing that the chances of someone catching the cold from you are probably slim.
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  • We had a sick (or sick sounding) nurse come in when we had Leah - I was APPAULED that she came to work that way. I'm sure most of my opinion was because she was around newborns...but I would probably still at least raise an eyebrow if we were there for something else.

    But you could just tell people that you have allergies or something - and that it's nothing contagious...

    I'm also the type of person that would go to work sick (because I don't want to waste a sick day) but also hates when other people do the same thing and get me sick. So take my opinion for what it's worth : )

  • DH has had a dry cough/throat tickle lately too. I personally wouldn't mind a coughing nurse because... let's be honest... hospitals are germ fests anyways.

    Take that day off to work on your packing! Good timing ;)

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