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Am I crazy!?

I'm hoping that you guys can help me out because I'm not sure if I should call the doctor or not.  I'll be 11 weeks on Wednesday.  Up until this point I've had nausea all day, headaches, bloat, etc.  All weekend I have been feeling wonderful- like I'm not even pregnant at all.  Is this normal?  One of the books my doctor gave me said that if symptoms suddenly disappear then you should call.  I just don't want to be that whiney pregnant person!!!  DH says "Did you think you'd feel like crap for an entire 9 months!?  Of course it gets better!!!"  I'm just feeling uneasy.  Any thoughts?

Re: Am I crazy!?

  • You're not crazy!  Symptoms really can disappear and it not mean something bad happened.  But, I know anytime I really worried about something, I called - just to make me feel better.

    So I say call!  And the worst that will happen is they'll just say everything's fine, don't worry about it, but there's also a good chance they'll have you come in and you'll get to hear the heartbeat!  (or maybe even sneak a peak if you're lucky!).

    So I say do it - call and don't worry about it one bit!

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  • Symptoms, especially at the end of the first tri, can come and go in a heartbeat. I was never nauseous, but was extremely fatigued during the first tri. As soon as I hit 12 weeks, it seemed that I woke up that morning feeling like the last few weeks never happened. If you're truly worried, just call. The worst they can do say that you're fine.
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  • I never had much m/s or any horrible symptoms, but I hear this is the time when things start to get better..

    I think the symptoms suddenly disappearing being bad thing is kind of nonsense, because even if something, god forbid, were to happen you would still have a pretty high hcg level at this point which would still cause symptoms.
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  • Thanks girls. I did put a call into the doctor a few hours ago and the person answering the phone (who I thought was the nurse!) said "I don't know if that's normal; I've never been pregnant".  ::sigh::  She said that she was going to talk to the  doctor and get back to me.  I'm hoping that if anything was wrong I'd have some sort of sign- bleeding, cramping, etc.  I just read on the bump how people have had missed miscarriages and that scares me so much.  Thanks again for the replies!
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