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Infant vs. Convertible Car Seat

I am thinking about doing without an infant car seat/travel system, and just getting a convertible car seat that can safely accommodate an infant.  The infant car seat seems like such a waste since it can only be used for a short period of time.  Any thoughts on this?? 




Re: Infant vs. Convertible Car Seat

  • i thought about doing that too, but...right now am glad I didn't.  DD has had many much needed naps in her car seat and I would had to have to unbuckle her every time we go in and out of places.  Plus, it's often great to have a safe place to put her in - dinner at family/friends etc. she may sit happily near us but doesn't need to always be held.  The expense of both seats is a bummer, but remember, even though the convertible seats are approved for infants, they're generally not considered as safe.  GL
  • the carrier is worth it. when they are they small would have to carry them, all the time. After 2, yes it gets heavier as they grow, but totally worth it. and I made sure I got one (graco) that supports a higher weight, so you can use it longer. I think DD #1 was almost a year before we took her out of it.


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  • save yourself some trouble and go ahead and get the infant car seat.  your little one will not be able to sleep in a convertible car seat and it is so much easier--especially in those early days--to just lift the car seat out of the car than to have to keep buckling and unbuckling an infant in.  I remember NUMEROUS times that my DD fell asleep in her infant seat and we were able to just bring it in to the house where she slept another hour or two.  Once we changed her to a convertible seat, that ended pretty quickly. 

    Some kids outgrow the infant seat quickly, others stay in it awhile.  My DD is a peanut and she was in it until nearly 18 months.  We definitely got good use out of it and will be using it again with our next.

    As someone else already posted, infant seats are much safer as well.  

  • Get the infant seat.

    We borrowed a friend's infant carrier and they are sooo handy. Infants sleep a lot, so they WILL fall asleep in the carrier and the easiest way to keep them sleeping is to use the carrier. With a convertible, it has to stay in the car. Good luck moving a sleeping child with that! I've done it (older baby) but I consider myself lucky anytime he actually stays asleep. It's rare. Anything to make your life easier is the way to go. We used the infant carrier (Graco Snugride, IIRC) for probably 8 months. We used it with a snap n go stroller and those are also AWESOME (instead of a travel system stroller which would have been much more bulky). We did have 2 bases (one for each of our cars) for the carrier.

     We now use a Britax Marathon convertible seat and I highly recommend them, if it will fit into your car's seat configuration.

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  • Hi All.  Thanks for the advice.  This is our 1st baby and I want to make sure we aren't missing anything.  I'm pretty sure we will go ahead and get the infant car seat.  It's a small investment, and our baby's safety is well worth it!! 
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