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Can I whine too?

So.. I work part-time.. Seriously, my job is great.. I spend the day with Eve most days then go to work at like 4 or 5..I generally work 4 nights a week..

Somehow though, the way the schedule worked out and because i picked up an extra shift (My friend/coworker's mother died very unexpectedly last Friday).. From the 11th to the 29th, I only have three days off. This coming Sunday DH and I are both off, but the other two days that I am off he is/was working. I feel like I haven't seen him at all..and when we do see each other we're not really getting along very well... and I HATE not getting to put Eve to bed most nights. 

Last night I was really sad.. I was only scheduled to work til 10.. and sometimes on weeknights I can get done a good bit earlier than that (on Monday I was scheduled til 10 and i was out the door by 9).. so I had it in my head that I was maybe going to get home before Eve's bedtime.. Well I got stuck there til 10:30. I seriously was about to cry right there..and its so stupid, because its just part of the job.. Sometimes you get done early, sometimes late.. Its not the end of the world.. AND it turns out that Eve had taken a super late nap (daddy watched her last night, not grandma) and she was still up when I got home at 11. So I did get to see her and put her to bed.. so that was good.. but then I feel like I'm so tired during the day that i'm not a good mom. I did NOT want to get up with her this morning.. 

Tonight and tomorrow night then I get a day off.. 

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Re: Can I whine too?

  • aw- hopefully your family day on Sunday will come really soon and be fun :) do you have anything special planned?

    Eve loves spending time with her mommy even if she is tired- maybe some more coffee and fresh air will pick you up

  • Since Justin came along, a lot of "not the end of the world" things make me cry when they involve him- so I think you're normal. Just think of all the money you'll be making in the next two weeks. Set aside a little chunk of it to go on a shopping "spree" with Eve- just the 2 of you! Oh and of course if you ever were in our 'hood for lunch, we'd totally meet you :)
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  • That sucks. Hope your schedule for the next few weeks is better!

    I have been thinking about getting a PT job (nights and weekends) and that is exactly why I'm debating. I don't want to not have any family time. My DH works 1-2 late shifts, so if I were to work 2-3 other nights and maybe a weekend I feel like we would never see eachother!

    Enjoy your day on Sunday!!

  • Aww Melissa, I'm sorry. I know how you feel, I've been feeling that way lately too, except my schedule it opposite yours. I'm at work all day then want to spend every minute with Teagan when I get home and the past few weeks with her getting up all night long I've just been completely exhuasted trying to get up and go to work the next day...I have all I can do to stay awake and I feel like I'm not doing my best at my job or at being a Mom because of it.
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  • Sorry that you are feeling stressed out.  I wish none of us had to work at all.  Being a working mom really stinks :(  Maybe we all need to start playing the lottery....

    Hope you and Jeff enjoy your day off together on Sunday. 

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  • Sorry.... Enjoy your day on Sunday!! 
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  • Not being able to spend time together as a family definitely stinks. I've become such a homebody since having Ian. Being away from him and dh all day is bad enough, but when I have to do things for work at night, I feel like I'm cheating them.

    Hope you get to spend some good quality time with Eve and dh after all this. Enjoy your Sunday.

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